JZZ31 Soarer :: Meihan Sportsland


Most car enthusiasts will recognize the sound of a 2JZ but when I hear one drifting I am usually expecting to see a Supra or a large Toyota sedan of some sort. But apart from Takahiro Ueno‘s old SUI:VAX D1 car I haven’t seen many Soarers sliding around. As much as I love S-chassis it is definitely nice to see and hear something different!


S14 Silvia :: Zenki K.I.S.S


I get a huge hit of nostalgia every time I see an early-model S14. It’s so nice to see a clean looking car like this one sitting perfectly on a set of Work XT-7 wheels. I always feel a bit sad when I see (some) people deliberately smashing* clean ones up at Drift Matsuri. I got my S14 back in the days when it was very common to see people change the early-model’s XV10 Camry front to either a late-model or a Strawberry Face (S15) front.  I wasn’t really a fan of the Zenki S14 but if anything it is better to learn drifting in a car you don’t care that much about. After the Super Made Instant Gentleman body kit was released people started to warm to the Zenki look and some even converted their Kouki’s! The 6666 Customs S14 Body Kit added momentum to the Zenki craze and the price of OEM Navan bodykits on Yahoo Auctions went through the roof! Hopefully I can get myself another one before the world’s supply of S-chassis dries up.

*I am a big fan of missile cars as a tool to improve driver skill and I understand that crashes happen, but some people just smash stuff for no reason

Hisashi Horii :: JZX110 Mark II :: Meihan Carpark


The JZX110 Mark II was the last 1JZ-GTE engined car available with a factory manual transmission so it hold a special place in many car enthusiasts hearts. It is still rare to see a modified example driving around, especially one in the “period correct” lowered-wheels-finished style of the early 2000’s. By modern stance standards this car is pretty conservative but personally I love how the Work Equip wheels fill the stock fenders.


Gakudori :: R32 Skyline :: Meihan Sportsland


Drift Tengoku magazine’s Gakudori events are designed for university students and it was nice to see some young faces in the pits at Meihan. The next generation of drifters has embraced styles like itasha and USDM and I am looking forward to seeing where they take drifting in the future.


Jesse Streeter :: 180SX :: Meihan Sportsland


Jesse Streeter took his new 180SX out for a shakedown at Meihan Sportsland recently. There were a few electrical problems and the intercooler hose kept coming off but he managed to get some driving in. The engine is actually from his old S14 which was recently retired from duty, it is an S14 SR20DET with a Trust GReddy TD06L2-20G turbo managed by an APEX’i PowerFC


The bodykit is a combination of OEM late-model 180SX parts combined with Origin 40mm front fenders and Spirit Rei 65mm rear fenders, Super-Made sidesteps and a D-Max roof spoiler. The fancy blue Raybrig FH06 headlamps are tucked away in this picture. The front wheels are 17×9.5+3 Work VS-KF with 15mm spacers and 235/40R17 Dunlop Direzza ZII tyres. The rears are either 255/40R17x11-8 VS-KF or 265/35R18x11-5 Work VS-XX but a pair of 18×11 VS-KF are on the way. I hope to be taking a lot more photos and video of this car in the near future

Clickbait Monday :: Left or Right?


There are some people that like cars, because they like cars, and there are some people that like cars because they like driving. I definitely fit into the later category, so to be totally honest I could pretty much enjoy either one of these cars just as much. In real life I would probably just take the Ferrari, but if I you measure the value of a car in terms of smiles, this choice is a win-win situation

Laurence Janus :: JDMism S14 :: Location Unknown


I came to Japan in 2005 with big dreams of living the drift lifestyle that I saw in videos like High Performance Imports, Drift Tengoku and even, dare I say it, Initial D. I never drifted in Australia, but I was involved with drifting as a judge in Full Lock Motorsport‘s Drift Nationals series.

I bought an S14 Silvia and started learning to drift from scratch, I never really got to a level that I was happy with, but between a lot of fun, frustration and crashes, my driving slowly started to improve. Alexi from Noriyaro came out with me one night and took the shot above, which encapsulated everything I was hoping to do by coming to Japan. He wanted to use a rear curtain sync for this photo but I actually really like the light trails how they are, I especially like how the roof of the car is ghosted.

I stopped drifting a few years ago after I lost my license, but every time I see this picture I remember why I started, and why I want to continue…


V36 Skylines :: M&L Party :: Sakurajima Parking Osaka

IMG_5978After a very long day at Osaka Automesse I hitched a ride to the M&L Party meet with Mike from WILS Group who had been doing translation for Fitted Lifestyle. Around 400 cars turned up before the police broke up the fun. I was falling asleep after all day filming but I did manage to get one or two pictures, including this one of three very clean Infiniti badged V36 Skyline Sedans, one of which is Mike’s almost stock project car. The car on the left was sitting perfectly on a set of Vossen VVSCV3 wheels

Kenichi Uejima :: Gloss Factory S15 :: Meihan Sportsland

DSC03005Swan Neck Rear Wings have gained popularity in many forms of racing, but Kenichi Uejima from Gloss Factory has also found it suitable for drifting

Shakotan Suzukis

DSC01323For many Japanese car enthusiasts, the size, cost and fuel consumption of a full size car is unmanageable. This has led to a massive sub-culture of Kei-car tuning. The owner of the SSR Mark II equipped Suzuki Alto Works is unknown but the Suzuki Cappuccino riding on SSR Mark III wheels is owned by Jesse Streeter, better known for his tuned Silvias. If you ever have the chance to drive a Suzuki Cappuccino, DO IT! If you don’t love driving it, you are a bad person.